This task asked us to create a piece of motion graphic, lasting between30-90 seconds. This animation would communication to a social problem which we chose from a box randomly.

The information I chose was about Alcohol consumption in the UK. I couldn’t think anything about that at the beginning and I know nothing about alcohol. Then I started doing research about alcohol consumption, includes the reason why many people die? How many people drink alcohol every week…etc.

Due to the shock statistic of the death of alcoholics. I decided to create a little black humorous story. I want my animation interesting but also rising the awareness. It is about a man died of drinking alcohol and then his soul went up to the heaven. However, the heaven was crowded with a large number of dead alcoholics. Then the god will said to the man:”Sorry about that, but heaven is overpopulated now.So you’d better go to hell!”

I spent one-third of time to learn how to design and animate the characters by using adobe after effects, illustrator and flash. I didn’t enjoy learning independently, sometimes it makes me crazy when I got troubles. After practicing and practicing finally I felt more and more enjoyable about learning After Effects and also the tutorials. I desired to see my finished animation.

In a nut shell, although I am scared and conflict to use softwares at the beginning of this project, I become more confident now that I finished my animation and love it. I enjoyed this unit and still want to learn more things. No pain, No gain. 


For this project, I am going to learn AE and make an animation about alcohol consumption in the UK.

My initial idea was inspired by “Thank you for smoking”, created by shadowplay studios.

Using the packing of alcohols and animate the characters on the packing. However, after a range of research. I fond a lot of statistics about people died from drinking and alcohol- related diseases. That made me to decided to create a story between a dead man and the god.

The story basically is about an alcoholic died and went up to the heaven. In the heaven, God is asking people about the reason why they dead. And god wrote down the number of how many of them die from drinking alcohol and how much do people drink. Then this dead man who just arrived the heaven was asked the same question. He answered that he drank too much. But he is the unlucky one because god said that heaven is overpopulated. Then the poor man fell down to the hell.

During the process, The characters which were created by Nono Jin and Adrain Johnson inspired me a lot. Simple shape and colour. As the consequence of their warm lovely but also serious elements, I decided to make my characters look funny as well. 

Lists some things to remind myself:

-Illustrate my characters by using illustrator and photoshop. 

-Think about the colour of each characters.

-Try different typeface. But should be a serious form, in a Bold form.



-Keep making test movies to find the problem and figured it out.